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Same day delivery

The price depends on the vehicle type and the number of kilometres. A waiting time of 15 minutes, at both the pick-up and delivery address, is always included in the price. Euro-Sprinters always selects the closest departure point to minimise journeys.


The price charged is from the closest departure point to the pick-up address to the next pick-up and/or delivery address and back to the departure point.


The large number of departure points ensures Euro-Sprinters is highly competitive on the market in terms of quality, speed and price.


Parameters used to calculate the price:

  • fixed charge;
  • departure point (see map below);
  • loading address;
  • unloading address;
  • any extra stops;
  • any extra waiting time;
  • fuel surcharge (see below);
  • COD - cash on delivery;
  • supplements.

Fuel surcharge

Euro-Sprinters has an index-linked fuel surcharge to take account of continual fluctuations in the price of fuel. This ensures that fuel costs are calculated transparently.


The fuel surcharge is based on the corresponding cost index published by ITLB, Institut Transport routier & Logistique Belgique ( in French and Dutch).


The average index for 2013 is compared with the index of the invoice month multiplied by 8.8. 80% of this amount is charged.


P1 = 0.8 x (Ln/L0 x 8.8)

P1 = fuel surcharge

L0 = average ITLB fuel cost index in 2013

Ln = ITLB fuel cost index invoice month